Is Cleaning vs Disinfecting the same thing?

What’s the difference between these two actions? What does EPA say about this? and why they are so important during these times? read more to find the answer to this dilemma and take notes because this will information will help you a lot in the future.

The process of removal is called Cleaning and cleaning involves chemicals, equipment, and labor. This task is accomplished thanks to a cleaning agent designed to soften, break down, and emulsify soil, surfaces, and other deposits it comes into contact with.

The proper cleaning agent (chemical) must be chosen and used for the type of soiling the same way a disinfectant must be selected according to the type of bugs that has to kill.

These cleaning and disinfectant chemicals need to be products designed not to damage the type of surface too, because not all cleaning or disinfecting chemicals can be used on all types of surfaces (some of those could even damage your furniture if used carelessly).

On the other hand, Disinfecting is the process of killing any pathogenic organisms and should not be confused with the process of cleaning or removing residues we talked about before.

That’s why the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered disinfectants are registered bug killers/pesticides and not as cleaning chemicals. So if you are using a disinfectant and cleaner all in one product to disinfect and clean a surface such as walls or floors, you need to check with the manufacturer for guarantees and assurances that their product is safe for the particular type of surface you are going to clean.

But what happens if your product’s manufacturer cannot provide any assurance? that means that a thorough rinse and cleaning of the product must take place after its use. This is not in dispute! your safety and the safety of your loved ones always go first.

Every facility must develop and have a well-written plan of cleaning and disinfection, and these plans need to be accompanied by easy to understand and simple procedures that can be followed by the person that will be performing the work.

Lesson learned, congratulations! now you know what surfaces must be cleaned (residues removed) and what surfaces (such as floors in particular) must be rinsed after disinfecting!

Remember, Clean and Protect will be your most important tasks and your most valuable allies when it comes to performing deep conditioning of your rooms and spaces