Clean and Protect’s Certification Service offers 3rd party certification services providing you with a complete analysis of your environment. We will arrange for our partners to send trained technicians to your locations as frequently as required. Technicians using state of the art equipment will check the bacteria levels in the most vulnerable areas to ensure your space to Certify that your space has been properly Cleaned and Protected.

If any problem areas are identified during the inspection, the technicians will review application process, identify and correct any deficiency, and provide any necessary training and support to prevent future issues.

Upon completion of our certification service our technician will provide a Certification Certificate which will be signed and dated by the technician, which can be proudly displaced at your premises to let your customers and employees know that you have met the highest industry standards.

Clean & Protect is committed to be an industry leader in the establishment of a proper and reliable certification process and will work with government and industry leaders to insure that our client’s customers and employees can count on being in a safe and clean environment.

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Our products and services are based on a set of technologies specifically developed for highly-contaminated spaces, and take into account the need for high efficiency, validation, rapid response, and safe processes.

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